Joy: My Wheels

Not much going on around here this weekend except for relaxing.  Basically, these days, that means playing with Liza A LOT.  And, so that I can play with her even more, I bought a bike today!  Now, I can get home from school in like 10 minutes instead of 35-40.  It's very exciting... it was even second-hand (don't we all love a good deal?).  I even made it home from the opposite side of the city without getting TOO lost :)

So, in honor of not having much to write about today, I thought you might like to take a gander at my new wheels.  It's the little things in life...

Have a great Saturday night!


The Fluffy Thing!

This afternoon's activities have consisted of alternating between belly-scratchings... our new dog's belly, that is!  Her name is Liza (from Mona Lisa, just with a Bulgarian accent), she doesn't meet a stranger, and she loves her new blanket!

We aren't sure exactly how old she is (approximately 4-5 years old?), but she's really active, and, well... we love her already!

We know, we know... less talk, more puppy pictures.

A lot of puppy pictures...

Isn't she adorable?!
When Randall met her...

When Joy met her...
Going on a walk... err, run with Randall
The new 3 musketeers!
When we got back from our walk,
she immediately cooled off her feet in her water bowl!
And, she also knows when she's in front of a camera.
Here we are getting ready to go home!
Think she's ready? :)
Approximately one taxi ride later, she arrived at her new home!

She definitely explored for a little bit.  Then, she got a bath.
As a relief after getting a bath, she was introduced to her blanket...
and, she loves it.
And, Randall + blanket = perfect
Now, off to more belly-scratching!


Something... fluffy?

We're a bit reluctant to broadcast our plans for this weekend, since you can never really be sure as to how things pan out when you're in a foreign country (note: this is true mostly because of our lack of understanding, not necessarily because of Bulgaria!).  But, we just can't hold it in!

... we are going to take bus 18 to the Plovdiv Dog Pound tomorrow afternoon, and, hopefully, pick out a puppy!  Not just any puppy... a fluffy puppy (note: that is how Randall refers to all K-9's).

After consulting our dog experts (Randall's Aunt & Uncle), we've purchased what we think will get us through at least the first afternoon (?) with our new little critter: doggy bowls, blanket, towel, food, and treats!  Here's hoping!

To be continued!