Our evening in Frankfurt: an unexpected surprise.

When we were looking for the most 'economic' tickets back to the States for Joy's brother's wedding, we didn't think we'd end up with a 20-hour layover.  But, sure enough, we glanced over our itinerary a few days ago to familiarize ourselves with it again, and we realized we had a 'short' stay in Frankfurt...

So, here we are!  Just had some delicious brats and sourkraut, German beer, and a gorgeous walk in the center.  We highly recommend ending up with a long layover here anytime!



In remembrance of George.

Today, 6 years ago, Vania's father passed away.  So, we went to her village's church to light a candle in remembrance of him.
Continue to rest in peace.


Here we are!! We made it to our bus stop, now we just have to make the 15-hour ride to Greece!


Tarsha is here!! We're having the time of our lives!

And, this afternoon, we hop on a bus to Athens, Greece.  It's so surreal.  Tarsha is actually in our apartment, we have the tickets in hand to board our cruise tomorrow morning, and... well... that's enough, isn't it!? :)

Wish us a good time!

Joy, Randall, and Tarsha