I'm windblown from the tornado of laundry, souvenirs, and suitcases permeating our apartment, at the moment.  However unmotivating all of this may be, we're so excited to be going to the US this summer!  We can't wait to see family & friends, eat delicious food, and speak English frivolously!

But, before we skedaddle on out of here, I remembered that I have yet to brag about the results of our dance competition a few weeks ago!  They did so well & I was so honored to be there, watching and cheering them on.  But, their award speaks for itself: they got 2nd place!

Now, I'm off to zip up these suitcases & I'll leave you to peruse the evidence!

I can't think of a better closing chapter to our Peace Corps service in Bulgaria than getting to share this with you all.

P.P.S.  Thanks to everyone who has been their cheerleaders from afar!


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